Headquarters: 2041 9th Ave, Longview WA 98632

5 Years As A Prosecutor

Selflessly committed to fair and equal justice to enhance the quality of life in the community.

Defense Attorney

Protecting the rights of individuals and helping them understand the law as well as assisting them in obtaining services, such as mental health, substance abuse treatment and anger management.

Pro Tem Judge

In the pursuit of justice and respecting the justice system, passionately dedicated to fair and impartial decisions.


I was born at Cowlitz General Hospital and was raised by my mother and grandparents in Longview. My mother married and we moved to Seattle so that my dad could attend the University of Washington on the GI Bill. I went to grade school and middle school in Spokane and Kennewick and eventually went to high school in San Jose, California.

I went to college at night and worked for IBM as a Secretary and was promoted to a Marketing Rep in Chicago, Illinois at the Navistar Truck Plant. I finished my degree at Northeastern University in Chicago and moved to Ohio to attend Capital University Law School in Columbus, Ohio.

I passed the Washington State Bar in 1998 and my first law job was an assistant City of Bellingham prosecutor. I then relocated to Grays Harbor County as a Deputy Prosecutor and a Juvenile Prosecutor, and I adopted my son, Joshua, who was then 6 days old.

I moved back to Longview to live near my family and to raise my son and I started my own practice in 2001. Burchett Law Firm has steadily grown from providing Indigent Defense to Kelso to also providing defense to the cities of Kalama and Castle Rock and Wahkiakum County. I also Pro Tem Judge in both Cowlitz County and Wahkiakum County.

My son graduated Mark Morris with honors in 2017 and is currently on the Dean’s list at Washington State University in Vancouver, Washington. He is majoring in Biology and is currently the youngest Board Member on the Lower Columbia Fish Enhancement Group, which supports the environment and sustainability of fish in conjunction with Washington State Fish and Wildlife.

I am active in the Kelso Rotary Club, Red Hats Organization, the Emergency Support Shelter and 100 Women Who Care. I am also a Board Member of Cowlitz County/Wahkiakum Legal Aid and the Family House Academy.


I am the most qualified person for a District Court Judgeship. I have been an attorney for 20 years practicing solely in criminal law. In this field, I have been a prosecutor, a defense attorney and a pro tem judge in two different counties, Cowlitz and Wahkiakum. I have handled 44 district court trials and 8 felony trials, 470 cases as a Prosecutor, 7,891 District Court cases and 270 cases as a Defense Attorney in Superior Court, as well as many legal motions and briefs. I have done juvenile cases, felony cases and misdemeanors, as well as providing parent representation in DSHS cases.
*Previously this site erroneously indicated 200 trials. Not all trials are reported but the numbers above are verifiable by the Cowlitz County Superior Court, Cowlitz County District Court and the Administrative Offices of Washington State Courts.

I will make decisions that are experience based and founded not only on the law but also on the well-being of Cowlitz County, where my family has resided for four generations and where I have chosen to raise my own family. I will take a holistic approach. I do not want to stop one crime; I want to prevent future crimes. I will use every tool at my disposal in order to make this happen, such as mental health services, mental health court, substance abuse treatment, probation, offender services and if necessary, incarceration.

I will look at the individual in addition to the problem, and every person appearing in my court will not only be listened to but will be heard. You will leave my courtroom knowing that you actually had your day in court.


Cowlitz-Wahkiakum Central Labor Council

Democratic Central Committee

Democratic Woman's Club of Cowlitz County

Ann Rivers, Washington State Republican Senator


Superior Court Judge Douglas Goelz
District Court Judge Heidi Heywood


Dan Bigelow
Sue Baur
Ann Mottet

Law Enforcement

Todd McDaniel, Sheriff Sargeant
Dave Handy, Sheriff Sargeant
Mike Balch
Nate Hockett

Elected Officials

Rose Mary Siippola, Kalama City Council
Mike Wallin, Longview Mayor Pro Tem

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Lori SarancikPatrick PalmerJohn Dolan
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Juvenile Law

Clients under 18 are represented zealously so that they do not face a future that is compromised by acts committed due to their immaturity. Efforts are made to ensure that they have a future unencumbered by youthful mistakes, while ensuring that they receive the services that they need to not recommit criminal acts.

Criminal Law

Defendants that are charged with crimes are ensured that, in fact, probable cause has been found to hold them accountable. In addition, services will be offered to help them not reoffend so that they can become productive members of society.

Public Defense

Defendants charged with a crime that could result in jail time are helped to avoid the lifetime shackles of imprisonment.

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